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Car Accident...

So as I was leaving our usual Tuesday coffee meet we all piled into my Jeep. We being myself, Mutt, Sparky, Alex and Bob. It was raining really hard outside. Everything was good, we were only about a mile away from Mutt's apartment. Red light, so I stopped. Green light, and everyone starts to move. Suddenly the car infront of me slams on his breaks. I do the same, but but my tires lock up and I skid into the back of his car. He was in a Hummer3, I was in a Jeep Liberty. Needless to say, my car is un-drivable for the time being. I need a new radiator and fan, along with a replacement hood. His car took literally no damage. The guy was pretty cool about it though, and was more angry that the guy in front of him drove off even though it was his fault. He's not going to pursue anything, and he feels sorry for me that this happened. I, on the other hand have a nice big ticket to pay, and get to attend driving school (only because I don't want 4 points against my liscence). So, don't expect to see me as much anymore. I'll still do coffee when I get the chance, and don't think I'm not going out with my buddies for my Birthday!

Pictures of my car -->  http://i462.photobucket.com/albums/qq345/onai-wolfwind/Car-Damage.jpg

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