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Medical Update - To The ER

((again, cross posted from my FA))

Woke up this morning and felt pretty shitty still. Doctor asked me to come back in for a follow up exam. He checked on my side, and it still hurt just as bad and my fever hadn't gone down. He rushed me out the door and told me to go straight to the Florida Hospital. This scared me and Cessna alot.

Got to the hospital got all checked in and sat down in the waiting room. The pain in my side was awful and I was feeling very warm. They called me in and the doctor checked me over. I got an IV of fluids and an IV of antibiotics. They took some blood out of me for testing along with another urine sample.

I waited around with fluid dripping into my arm. The doctor came in and told me that he was very concerned about my kidneys. They told me that they wanted to do a cat scan to make sure nothing was in horrible condition. Went through with my scan, and got another liter of fluids pumped into my veins (by this time that was painful).

Finally got my results in after a couple hours. Apparently the first medication I was getting was being flushed out of my system, so it didn't have any time to take effect. They got it all corrected and I should be fine. I just need to stay in bed and relax for the next few days.

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