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Scary Events, and not Halloween Scary

((cross posted from my FA journal))

So today was crap. And it was scary crap. Like scary for my life things.

I woke up this morning with a fever of 101.3 and feeling like I was gonna puke. I went on with it, got dressed ate some food and drank some water. My fever dropped and I felt fine. I went on with what I had planned for the day, which was to go out early with Eddie and Matte and hang out before Elliotts. Throughout our adventures I had this crippling pain in my side and I was feeling a little weak. I though it may have been from the lack of sleep lately, so I thought nothing of it.

I started getting weaker and weaker, and even had trouble walking down the small rod to the event, needing to stop 1/2 way and lay down. I got up and proceeded to registration. I got all sign in, sat down and felt VERY nauseous. A few moments later I was throwing up in front of a very disgusted crowd of people. I went downhill fast. I didn't have the energy to even sit so I layed down in the driveway. My fever shot up and I was burning up, vomiting all the while. Some good friends came to comfort me as I was slipping in and out of consciousness.

Eddie called Cessna to come pick me up. Cessna rushed over only to find that I was in MUCH worse condition than he had thought. Zeke helped me get up and I lost all vision and I couldn't hear anything. I puked 3 more time from the truck. Eddie, Kryos and Zeke loaded my stuff into the truck and Cessna rushed me to the emergency clinic.

They got me in right away and pumped me with a liter of fluids and some antibiotics. They did some urine tests and a flu test. Turns out that I had a urinary tract infection that has been spreading to my kidneys. I was lucky I got in there when I did.

The doctors were very helpful and caring. They had me feeling better very quickly. I'm prescribed some antibiotics and some pills for my nausea. They would also like to follow up on me tomorrow. I'm doing much better as of right now, but it's pretty much a waiting game at the moment.

I want to thank Eddie, Matt, Kryos, Irish Neko, Zeke and a few other for helping me outside of Elliotts. You guys are lifesavers. :3

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