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It's 2 a.m. And I Wanna Go To Bed...

Meh, just having alot of problems sleeping lately. And when I finally get to sleep I have trouble getting myself up. I guess I've just been a little depressed lately. Alot of things have been going on money and time wise. I have some student loans being held over my head, along with insurance payments and doctor bills. Plus I defiantly don't have the money to get my tonsils taken out. I was supposed to have them out over a year ago.

The good part is that Cessna finally got my Jeep up and running again. It's got a new coat of paint and it looks half way decent. (pics later) But now, because I can't pay for my student loans, I'm gonna have to sell the Jeep. The thing that bothers me the most about this is that I never wanted to go to college at the time anyways. My mom had wrapped me into it and signed alot of papers as me. So  I failed the second half of the year and was put on academic probation and now I have the school and bank hovering over my head about money I owe them that I never wanted to borrow in the first place. Of course there's ALOT more to the story than that, but you get only the short version.

As far  as doctor bill I honestly don't know what I owe as for now. Again with my mom messing things up, she only paid 1 thing for me and she didn't even write down which one, so now I don't know which ones I need to pay. Plus, being the un-organized person I am, I've misplaced alot of the paper work, along with my mom not even sending me a couple of them like she said she would. (Oh, all of these bills were from an accident last Thanksgiving when a 90 year old lady rear-ended us going about 50 and it tore a bunch of muscles in my neck and shoulder. Their still not healed yet either.) As for my tonsils, I have no idea when I'll have an extra $2,000 just laying around so I can get the surgery.

On a better note I've got my new computer up and running. I'm loving it. It works so much better and more efficiant than my old one. Plus lots more room for saving my drawings. (I need to get around to finishing and posting some commissions also.) I'm also pretty close to wrapping up a fursuit commission for SawBlade05 of his red tailed hawk charecter. Expect to see pictures soon. I'm trying to only post finished pictures of this one, and not just alot of in progress ones.

Well, I'm gonna try to hit bed now. You all take care.    :3

~ Onai WolfWind

P.S. - Cessna snores really loud  ._.

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